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Communication | Published: 29.08.2018


What is LOVE, and how does it manifest?
This is the question we have been exploring today, in the church, at a school, in a public garden, and on a supermarket parking lot.

Over the last few days, FRAMETALKS has seen many different constellations of people participating in an exploration of the reality of the day. Today was particularly varied, as the core group of people who have been with us from the beginning was joined by art students from a local school, a group of younger pupils who came as part of their religion class, and visitors for the day.

It has been amazing to see how people from different generations, strangers to each other, engaged in dialogues around the theme of LOVE. We listened to a whole spectrum of perspectives, from the questions that the young people are carrying to the experiences of those who have been on this earth for many decades.

Together, we have wondered how LOVE manifests in schools. We have noticed its presence in unexpected corners, but also seen where it painfully lacks. Also, we have considered the difference between love between people and love for a community or a place. Tonight, we will bring together these different viewpoints, and try to see if we can distill new insights to take forward.

Further opportunities for participation

On Thursday and Friday we will explore two further realities, FREEDOM and FUTURE. You are welcome to join us in the mornings inside and in the afternoons outside.

For those who have participated at any point during the week and who would like to take the reflections a step further, you are welcome to join us for a day of thought distillation on Saturday.

If you haven't been able to come earlier, you can also participate in FRAMETALKS as part of the Kasseler Museumsnacht, on Saturday 1 September from 5pm-1am.

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