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Communication | Published: 31.08.2018


Exploring one of the 5 Realities, indoors and out on the streets, through our frames and preconceptions of 'FUTURE'.

How do you see the FUTURE?

Can you imagine a future that is just and viable for all beings? What might be a 'healthier' way to live in the world, and to minimise unnecessary suffering? How can we shape alternatives to the immense exploitation of people and planet? Do viable forms and visions already exist?

On Day 5 we explore our perceptions of the FUTURE, starting indoors (in the Neue Brüderkirche) and then outdoors at three different locations in the city. We engage with inner and outer images of the world and gather substance, which is then shared and processed together in the evening, trying to actively listen to one another, seeing our pre-judgments and becoming conscious of taken-for-granted opinions.

Day 5 is the last of day of exploring each of the 5 Realities in some depth, before embarking on the final 2-day journey of reflection and distillation on Saturday and Sunday in the Neue Brüderkirche.

Why is it so important to 'see what we think' about the future?
In a world governed largely by self-interest and power blocks, millions of people are becoming acutely aware of and mobilising against the immense injustices and destructive practices all over the planet. It is also the first time in history we are called upon to consciously shape the future. So we need to know about the values and attitudes that feed into this, and explore together visions and proposals for a humane and viable future. How do we not go under and emigrate internally when confronted with such challenges? How do we not turn away from all the unnecessary suffering? How do we hold on to and create new forms that are life-giving?

FRAMETALKS creates the space for seeing the injustices and destructive practices as well as for 'seeing what and how we see'. For once we can 'see what we see', we can also begin to 'see what we think' and then 'think about what we think'. This method developed by Shelley Sacks, in FRAMETALKS and in all the UOT Lab's work, relates directly to Joseph Beuys' understanding that 'thinking is already sculpture' ('Denken ist bereits Plastik!')

Today in Kassel, people of all ages and interests, once again joined this challenging, yet revealing "pilgrimage into ourselves and into the world". The 'close noticing' that takes place through the deerskin frame and through the 'frames' of our existing attitudes, values and ideas, faciltates the 'thinking together' process every evening and will do so again during the last 2 days of FRAMETALKS. And through a specially designed process of sharing insights, we will begin to explore what it means to make 'social honey'.

If you participated during the week in any of the processes - outdoors and indoors - you will be able to further refine and distil some of the insights and perceptions that emerged. Those who haven't participated before are invited to join us and listen, or to participate in the stand alone, open process designed for Night of the Museums ('Museumsnacht').

If you have not been able to join this FRAMETALKS action, keep an eye on this blog, which will soon give you access to the new web-platform of the University of the Trees: Lab for New Knowledge and an Eco-Social Future. Here you will be able to find out about ongoing social sculpture-connective practices, and the UOT Lab processes and events in Kassel and in many other places.

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