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Communication | Published: 02.02.2020

Social Sculpture Academy Hubs - Update

What's happening in the Social Sculpture Academy hubs?

Social Sculpture Academy hubs are developing in several different countries.

The Berlin-hub has a core group of 16 people that has been working together since March 2019. It is beginning to develop courses, workshops and programs, through UOT Enquiry Labs that connect theory and practice. One of these is exploring 'privilege'; another the relationship of freedom - aesthetic - responsibility.

HOLLAND 2019-2020
The Holland hub will run the second part of a pilot program in Social Sculpture in Feb 2020, designed and led by Shelley Sacks and co-facilitated by Clarine Campagne. Part 5 will take place in June 2020 with a session open to the public. The title of this program is: WORKING TOWARDS A LIVING FUTURE FOR ALL. The program leaflet describes it as "a creative enquiry that understands the multiple crises all life forms are facing as ‘an opportunity for consciousness’, and explores the capacities we need, individually and together, to work towards shaping an eco-social future".

ITALY 2020
The Italian hub is facilitated by number of people doing research in social sculpture, using social sculpture practices like Earth Forum. It will come together in early April 2020, to explore the development of a Social Sculpture Academy Italian hub.

In 2021, Shelley Sacks will support cluster of people in India, Australia, China, South Africa and several Latin American countries to develop programs that are context related, whilst also drawing on a set of social sculpture ideas, methods and creative strategies, developed over the last 4 decades.

The UOT LAB offers training courses from time-to-time for people to become placed-based 'facilitators'.

An aim of the Social Sculpture Academy hubs is to develop a range of programs that enable access to people from all countries and backgrounds.

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