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FRAMETALKS: Paula (student) shares her experiences at the deerskin

Paula Henschke (holding the LOVE sign) was one of the students who joined the process for an exploration of the reality LOVE. In this short 'interview', she talks with Markus Stefan (FRAMETALKS co-worker) about her experiences and insights about love, FRAMETALKS and Social Sculpture. In German.

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FRAMETALKS in the news

Over the last few days, several newspaper articles have been published on FRAMETALKS

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The question of (human) FREEDOM is as old as humankind, and is still one of the most debated - and most important - questions of today. How do different attitudes and perspectives on this question shape our world, and are we free to change them?

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What is LOVE, and how does it manifest?
This is the question we have been exploring today, in the church, at a school, in a public garden, and on a supermarket parking lot.

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Karsten Winnemuth from the Microlab for Social Sculpture speaks about FRAMETALKS

Karsten, who is a Social Sculpture practitioner and gardener, explains what is happening, why he is so happy that FRAMETALKS has come to Kassel, and how you can participate.

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